5 Pounds!

20 beauty products on average is what women put on their bodies every day. Those 20 products are absorbed into the skin and are estimated to weigh 5 pound at the end of the year. In those 5 pounds of product there’s a cocktail of chemicals that avoid being broken down because they go right into the blood stream. This direct absorption gives these chemicals the gratest potential to cause long term harm.  By choosing healthier products that you put on your body, you are choosing a healthier lifestyle with fewer toxins.

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All that giltters isn't gold

That shimmer and that glimmer are wonderful to look at but, in reality that glitter has come off the backs of children as young as 6. It is hard to know the realities of all the horrors out there in the world but, as we become more enlightened we can make better choices. In reality children are suffering for our need to look beautiful. If you can make a different choice would you? Our company had a stand to not include mineral pigments and mica in our cosmetics for many reasons which include forced child labor.

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Nano Technology and your health

When choosing a product to put on your body or face we often don't read the label. The types of ingredients listed there are hard to understand and are just plan overwhelming. With a little understanding we can begin to look for things that we should not see on our labels. In a recent article on the Science Daily website, a study explains the effects that a common nano technology food additive has on our health . Nano technology (super tiny particles of a substance) is a break though in science, that isn't always good for our health. This article explains the affects of one chemical, Titanium Dioxide, used commonly in our food supply. I suggest you read the article and start to read your labels for food and body products.

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